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Lending Activities

Our Approach

Concord focuses on financing solutions to support mid-market companies seeking alternative sources of capital.  With offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, we originate, structure, and manage private debt transactions using asset backed securitization techniques.


Concord specialises in the management of consumer and SME commercial loans of non-bank originators but has a wide mandate to finance a variety of US and UK receivables, including credit cards, student loans, trade receivables and auto loans.


​We facilitate primary issuances to fund ramp-up requirements to support growth and scale of fintech enabled operators while also providing mid-market originators with off-balance sheet liquidity through the outright purchase of both performing and non-performing customer accounts.


​We seek to differentiate our offering by providing European investors access to US underlying assets, focussing on the well-developed non-bank consumer lending space, while enabling US originators to efficiently access European sources of funding to dilute their reliance on domestic capital.

Concord operates and manages a securitization fund established in Luxembourg which provides a platform for conducting new primary issuances. In addition its has access to and works with third party platforms for issuances using SPVs in other jurisdictions.

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